“the Great Post-It Massacre”

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“The Great Post-It Massacre” discusses how different leadership styles can cause serious problems within the workplace amongst management and subordinates. Adventures Plus is a rapidly-growing discount travel agency with fifty offices throughout the United States and Canada. Beverly Sadowsky was the first vice president of Adventures Plus. While Sandusky held this position, Bob Scanlan was promoted to small business account and assigned to the office in Dallas. Although Bob did not find his job exciting, he was happy with it because it was more relaxed than his previous position and he felt appreciated.
Bob was a very hard worker and he took his job responsibilities seriously. Beverly Sadowoskytook notice of his work ethic and believed
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Moreover, he did not trust Bob to make any decisions, no matter how small they were. George was also notorious for his Post-It Notes around the office telling Bob what to do and what not to do. Fishman never said “Thank You” or “Good Job”. He would leave voice message with instructions when the office was closed and would come to the small business account office and leave Post-It notes repeating the same instructions. Bob felt that George didn’t trust him to complete his tasks. So when George was promoted to first vice president after Beverly was promoted to chief operating officer, Bob was placed in a difficult position. George constantly questioned Bob on every task and felt that the office need to be covered from 9am to 5pm and callers reaching a lower-level employee was unacceptable. George even wanted to be involved on routine decisions that Bob was given complete control over. Because of George’s aggressive hand-on leadership style, Bob was afraid to make decision over simple tasks. George even went as far as telling them that they worked for him and that he was the boss via a post-it that read, “I’m the boss-you’re not.” Consequently, Bob began to hate his job and dreaded coming to work. Bob would take his complaints to Beverly and things would be okay for a few days or so. Finally things became too much for Bob.
He received a post-it that read, “RS….Follow the instructions I give you. When I want your


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