Patton Fuller Community Hospital - Network Assignment

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Patton Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) has been a not for profit healthcare facility since 1975 with a focus on providing the highest quality of healthcare. PFCH specializes in the following services; emergency medical care, specialized surgical procedures, baby delivery and prenatal care, physical therapy, and has a well-established radiology department. Being one of the primary healthcare facilities in their area, PFCH has raised the bar by providing a diverse selection of health programs that support the local community. This paper will review the current business systems in place, suggest improvements and provide how those changes could overall improve PFCH, both internally and externally.
PFCH has implemented an extremely unique
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DICOM has the capability to transfer files between two systems within the hospital, both transmitting and receiving image as well as the associated patient data in unique DICOM format. This can enable better integration of other systems and hardware, such as scanners and printers; various networked hardware from all different vendors and manufacturers who use DICOM format. The various different manufacturers devices that comply with DICOM standards will out of the box work during the implementation in PFCH.
PFCH has as well deployed Digital to Film Printers including the Kodak 6800 Dry Laser Printer Throughout the hospital in its various departments. These enable the staff to physically print hard copies of the images from all various hardware technologies.
The RIS or Radiology Information Systems Data Center manages and supports the storage of the OsiriX/DICOM imagery created and used by the Radiology Group. This Data Center has multiple Apple Cluster Servers. Each Apple Cluster Server is using the MAC OS Leopard Xserve operating system. The cluster servers also support the PACS or Picture Archiving and Communication Systems software to ensure that the hospital has the ability to store, retrieve and access the stored imagery from various locations within the hospital.

As stated PFCH is already on the cusp of technology systems, however unfortunately there is only limited information available in regards to the administrative functions as