Longevity Healthcare Systems, Inc Case Analysis

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Longevity Healthcare Systems, Inc is an institution that provides services such as basic (nursing home) health care, rehabilitation therapy, Alzheimer’s care, institutional pharmacy services, sub-acute care and home health care. Longevity has four health care areas; Nursing Care, Subacute care, Rehabilitation services and Institutional pharmacy. The business emerged when Kathryn Hamilton, in 1972, was searching for a nursing home for her mother. Kathryn together with her husband leased a small, outdated 40-bed hospital in a nearby suburb and converted it into along term care facility. By 1979, Longevity was incorporated and Kathryn became the President. For the past years, they've built and acquire nursing
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With the conversion of a large hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan into a long-term care facility, Longevity has to take on an aggressive marketing campaign so as not to lose its market share in the area.


Alternative #1: Establish an Alzheimer’s wing in two of the Grand Rapids’ nursing home which served areas near older community residents. Future projections in Health and Human Services indicated that there is an increasing market for Alzheimer’s care yet the development of a drug or a cure for the said disease was progressing slowly. Each unit would serve 30 patients, and it would be self-contained and secured so that the patients will be protected from their wandering habits. Establishing a separate unit that would specifically cater to the needs of Alzheimer patients would be attractive for the families of the prospective patients since they would be assured that skilled nursed, health care staff and other medical practitioners could focus their efforts in the care and rehabilitation of their family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.


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