Importance of Theory

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Importance of Theory Paper
Robert Costello
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR501: Foundational Concepts and Applications
March 2016

Importance of Theory Paper The nursing philosophy is a group of concepts that help provide a method for treating and caring for patients. Nursing theory also can be an instrument of effort that emphasizes scientific facts, it will also show the trends of views of the wellbeing -disease course of action and the practice of healing care. The different nursing theories that have been planned contain ways in which patients should be treated. Principles of nursing theories require the nurse to assess the patient and understanding how the patient will respond to the cost of his or her illness.
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Summary of selected Nursing Theory
The name of the nursing theory I will discuss, was created by Dorothea E. Orem between 1959 and 2001, which is called the Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing. Orem’s theory is also can be considered a grand nursing belief, which can cover a general extent of concepts that can be used in all fields of the nursing practice. The essential values are; the patients want to be more involved in their own health needs by using a more holistically approach. The first is universal self-care requisites, which are needs that all people have. These include things like air, water, food, activity and rest, and hazard prevention. The second is developmental self-care requisites, which has two sub-categories: maturational, which progress the patient to a higher level of maturation, or situational, which prevent against harmful effects in development. The third category is health deviation requisites, which are needs that come up based on the patient's condition. If a patient is unable to meet their self-care requisites, a "self-care deficit" occurs. In this case, the patient's nurse steps in with a support modality which can be total compensation, partial compensation, or education and support.

Orem's Theory is that it can simply be utilized in varieties type nursing settings of circumstances and patients that take care of


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