Gerontology Study Guide

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N330 Care of the Older Adult and the Family in Retirement
Study Guide for Final

1. Why is it important to study gerontological nursing?

Our society is rapidly aging, with an increasing proportion of the population being over the age of 65. This growth of the older population is expected to increase dramatically over the next 25 years. Consequently, there is a growing need for professionals to be trained to work with older persons.

2. Review the roles of the gerontological nurse.

Direct care providers, case managers, nurse leaders, educators, patient advocates, administrators.

3. What are the American Nurses Association (ANA) Standards of Clinical Gerontological Nursing Care?

A. Standard I:
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Discuss some health promotion suggestions for older adults that nurses could implement and encourage. ← Nursing Interventions to Promote Health in Older People 1. Primary Prevention a. Education about a healthy lifestyle b. Injury prevention c. Nutritional assessment and guidance d. Exercise prescriptions as appropriate e. Avoidance of tobacco f. Moderation of alcohol g. Limiting exposure or avoiding known carcinogens 2. Secondary Prevention a. Screening questions and health assessment b. Disease cure and aggressive treatment to limit disability and stop disease progression c. Referral for examination and testing d. Standardized assessment instruments i. Function (Katz ADL) ii. Cognition (MMSE) iii. Skin integrity (Braden Scale) iv. Mood (Geriatric Depression Scale) 3. Tertiary Prevention a. Multidisciplinary rehabilitation: physical, occupation, speech therapy b. Short-term placement in rehab facilities or aggressive in-home rehab c. Appropriate services and aids to increase independence: Walkers and/or canes; Homemaker/home health aid; Visiting nurse

10. What are the most frequently experienced infections in the elderly? Why are the elderly more prone to develop


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