Aat Level 4 Help

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A review of the sales ledger processes of ABC Limited.
An investigation into the purchase ledger system of XYZ and partners.
Recommendations to improve the payroll system of QC Charity.

My advice to you would be to read the scenario over and over again, you will find things that start to stand out, simple little things, like for example the lack of control over Petty Cash which leaves the company open to Theft and Fraud, make notes, set out your report in rough form, you can mess around with things until they start to make sense.
Don’t make your paragraphs too long, and make sure every paragraph has a number. try to imagine describing it to a complete outsider. How you currently get from A to B?, is it achieving what it should
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However, he realised that this was not good practice and he now uses a credit reference agency to ensure that potential new credit customers have no history of poor payments. Other than this check any new customer who applied is
Automatically granted an unlimited line of credit.

Report sentence with errors Suggested alternative

Gary gives customers no credit limits.

Staffs perform no checks except a credit rating.

I recommend they ask for 2 trade references.

Manager should review the limits set.

2 Methodology
This is the only section of the report where you can write in the first person to describe what YOU did to research and write the report.
Number the paragraphs 2.1, 2.2 etc. You will probably only write about half a page here. e.g. worked there for x months / years observing practices, interviewed colleagues
(attach copy of interview as appendix 1).

3 Executive Summary
Detail here one paragraph for each weakness:
? One sentence for the weakness
? One sentence for the recommendation
? One sentence for the costs and benefits.

4 Introduction
This section covers 4 areas and should be written about the organisation as a whole not just the key area you will focus on later:-

Overview of Business
(cover PIC 1.1, 1.3, 1.4)
What do they do?
How big are they?
What external relationships do they have?
Who are the key stakeholders? (key


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