Nurses and Aarp

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Nurses and AARP

AARP Key Nursing Roles “The American Association for Retired Persons changed (AARP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to it members over the age of 50 interest” (AARP, 2012). “The AARP provides products and services for members including educational programs and discounts for third-party companies which is the most widely used benefit by members” (AARP, 2012). With the expected rise in the population of people over fifty, AARP is focusing on the importance of nurses in healthcare. Nurses have been very instrumental in filling in the gaps of providing care for seniors. “AARP also provided supplemental insurance to help members with prescriptions and home care needs” (AARP,
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Nurse Advocacy Key Role Nurses are valuable advocates for the aging population they work together with AARP as a key role as the voice of the people over 50, lobbing for laws and services to provide better care at lower cost. Nurses are active in the community and volunteer their services to AARP help with legislation that will provide a safe care giving environment for the aging population. Currently AARP and nurses have joined together to change the current law that prohibit Advance Practice Registered Nurses to certify patient for payment of home health and hospice from Medicare (AARP, 2012). If Advance Practice Registered Nurses were allowed to certify home health and hospice services patients would receive treatment faster by eliminating the need for a doctor to sign off and a patient centered health care team could work more effectively together in reducing cost. Home care is essential in providing the aging population the ability to stay in their homes and provide much needed assistance in maintaining the continuity of care outside of a clinic or medical facility (AARP, 2012). The home care nurse is the liaison between the doctors and surgeons to provide treatment in home that normally are provided in a facility. Hospice care is a service that can be given in the home or a facility the Advance Practice Nurse would be essential in making the transition good smoothly without interruption in health care needs and ensure the patient and


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