Looking Into Our Nursing Future and the Impact the Iom Report Has on It

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Looking Into our Nursing Future and the Impact the IOM Report Has on it

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Looking Into our Nursing Future and the Impact the IOM Report Has on it
Since the passing of the 2010, Health Care Legislation Laws, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act, were instilled to increase the percentages of Americans having quality, affordable health care insurance coverage and making colleges more affordable and accessible to them. The Institute of Medicine developed a study to see how the nursing profession can be improved and to contribute to build a health care system that
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Currently ADN’s hold the highest percentage of the work force with the BSN degree following. The IOM feels that there needs to be an increase in the number of higher educated nurses leading the workforce. With the changes that are seen today, such as shorter hospital stays, outpatient clinics, home health and hospice has lead the acute care setting, to be of more critically ill patients that are requiring our nursing skills to be more than just medication and treatment but to be able to think critically and be able to lead in a crisis situation. There is a need of nurses in nurse education, primary care settings and research which require a BSN degree or higher. In sum, [An increase in the percentage of nurses with a BSN is imperative as the scope of what the public needs from nurses grows, expectations surrounding quality heightens and the settings where nurses are needed proliferate and become more complex.”] (Institute of Medicine, p. 172) The goal of the IOM is to have the nurses holding a BSN degree at, at least 80% by 2020, but to obtain this we must overcome some barriers such as funding and accessibility of the educational programs. Nurse educators are assisting in improving the education of nursing by changing the core curriculum to meet the new competencies that one is expected to obtain. By obtaining the higher level of standards it holds one to be more responsible and accountable for their actions in the healthcare field. The changes are


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