The Nursing Profession in the 1900's

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The Nursing profession has changed dramatically over the years. Being a Nurse in the 1900s as compared to being a nurse today is a lot different. Those people who wanted to become nurses had to get their

education from the hospital operating room; as compared today where Nursing students get high

quality education from Universities, Private Colleges, Community Colleges, Hospitals, and many other

different communities that offer nursing education. Nurses back then were also not able to use

advanced medical equipments since health care technology has advanced in many different aspect of

the nursing profession. Back in the 1900s, the duties and working environment of Nurses were much

different. They mainly performed
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After the war, nurses were

treated with more respect and became more skilled thanks to the military. They became more familiar

with anesthesia and important aspect of psychiatric care. The government saw the importance at that

time for health care services and medical insurance was born.

Modern day nursing skills are significantly more advanced than the nurses in the 1900s.

Intensive care units were developed and specialized nursing care started and advanced nursing degrees

became available. Men also started to become more interested in the field compare to the 1900s when

its mostly women. Nurses became more knowledgeable in educating and teaching patients regarding

their health condition and necessary preventive measures. Nurse practitioners were made popular and

became interested in higher levels of nursing education, almost like medical doctors.

Not only treatment and physical care are required for nurses, but also requires the trust of the

patient. A nurse knows more than anyone that a compassion and genuine care are part of the healing

process. No one knows the health of a patient as much as a good nurse who spends the most time with

The role I see myself in the healthcare field today is a Nurse. Although I'm still a nursing student, learning and practicing to become a nurse, I still consider myself a nurse. I may not be


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