Interpersonal Communication

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The responsibility of a veterinary technician is to not only attend to the well-being of the clients’ pets, but also to attend to the well-being of the client. In a survey of veterinary clients, participants identified listening and providing useful information among the top factors affecting veterinary choice. These factors emphasize the importance of effective interpersonal communication as it relates to being a successful veterinary technician in a thriving veterinary practice (Hall, 2012). No form of communication is simple, due to the number of variables involved. At the forefront of client satisfaction and a good client relationship is being a good listener. As stated in the Job Survival Instruction Book, “Listening is generally more important than talking.” It is important to demonstrate your interest in the client and your desire to understand what the client is saying. When taking a client history, inquiring about the presenting problem or dealing with a complaint, one should eliminate distractions and focus attention on exactly what is being said (Student Unit). It is also important to keep your nonverbal messages in check and assure they are positive. “Making eye contact, maintaining an attentive and open body posture,


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