Hcs 588 Qi Report

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Quality Improvement Report

Sarah Worthington

HCS/588 – Measuring Performance Standards

20 January 2014


The provision of quality health services is fundamental to the success of any society; the government, development agents, experts as well as the society play an important role in promoting quality health. Quality health requires various pertinent tools and resources for instance: Technology, qualified personnel, and financial resources form the imperative components of health improvements.

The Foundational Frameworks for Quality Health Improvements

There are various fundamental designs that are formulated and
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The sustainable resources reduce the costs associated with health service provision hence increasing affordability.

The Pertinent Areas Monitored to ensure Quality

To begin with, the most pertinent area that should be properly managed to ensure quality is the research and innovation sector;a constant monitoring is imperative in the research and innovation sector to ensure that quality ideas and technologies are presented in the health sector to quality improvement. Secondly, it is important to constantly monitor health care polices of individual health centers to ensure that they comply with the set universal health care standards that promote quality. It is also imperative to monitor utilization of resources such finances, technology as well as human resources to ensure that the personnel concerned adhere to the stipulated policies and promote sustainability.

Roles of various Regulatory Bodies in Quality Improvement

Governments play an important role in the formulation and implementation of rules and regulation that are geared towards ensuring quality in health service provision. Additionally, organizations such as the Care and Social Services Inspectorate of Wales conduct pertinent regulatory roles in the health sector to promote quality social care services.

Organizations that Influence Quality Improvements

Among the imperative bodies that


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