Occupational Health and Safety Issues in Contemporary Organizations

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Topic 1: Explain how Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) contributes to managing the human resource environment. Use the research literature to outline and discuss at least two current OH&S issues that impact human resource management in contemporary organizations.
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Occupational health and safety are becoming more and more important in term of human resource management. On one hand, managers need to be familiar with the legal context. On the other hand, they also have to keep in mind a development of strategy to manage occupational health and safety. This essay will discuss some current occupational health and safety issues and how they affect human resource management.
Occupational health and safety refers to the physical,
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Problems related to occupational health and safety is differing from industries. Heavy industries often observe higher rate of risk than other industries. For example, a study of Hitomi, Bryan and Xabier (2009) on truck drivers’ occupational accidents has shown a relative high percentage of accidents when working on and around the truck. These include stepping off the edge at height (33.3%), wrong footing (27.0%), slipping (44.1%) and so on. Another occupational health and safety issue is that not only it differs from industries but also differs from types of worker. The world is moving; countries are getting closer and closer. Organizations nowadays tend to do their production offshore because the foreign labor cost is much cheaper than local ones. However, foreign managers, as mentioned earlier, usually care more about the profit than occupational health and safety. Similarly, workers who immigrate have to work in unfavorable conditions than local workers. Reports’ results have shown a remarkable high-risk rate of migrant workers compared to local ones. As immigrants, they have to accept hard works with long hour, high demand and poor conditions in order to earn money for their living. For example, a French study revealed that immigrant workers have to face with more risks at work in compared with local workers (Gliber, as cited in Eusebio, 2009). Besides, they


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