Quality Management Assessment Summary

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Quality Management Assessment Summary
HCS/451 - Health Care Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis
Monday February 18th, 2013
Darlene Cantu Quality Management Assessment Summary
A quality management plan is employed by an organization to define how processes are conducted, organize how procedures that make up processes are done, and evaluate past performance to determine what should be done differently to enhance future performance and outcomes. The process of an evaluation helps to ensure that the highest potential is reached in each set of circumstances. A quality management plan should pursue to oversee how complications are dealt with and to reassess such impediments afterwards to ascertain if alterations or modifications to
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Dedication towards a proactive approach of preventing complications by identifying potential risks and eliminating them 5. Proper reactive actions when a hindrance does arise to ascertain the causes and formulate solutions to inhibit reoccurrence
The philosophy that everyone’s safety and care is a fundamental principle in the health care profession and is consequently an imperative standard that should be defined by the hospital’s policies. Establishing this as primary directive for all employees and situations sets the tone for subsequent policies and procedures. This first policy also seeks to define one of the main tenets of the hospitals mission that every human life is valued as to mitigate the perception of risk and improve the confidence of patients and employees with regards to the hospital. This primary directive will also positively guide outcomes in patient care by empowering employees to ensure proper treatment of others and prevent unnecessary risk. Observance of laws and regulations is crucial to maintain licensure, avoid liability, and deliver quality care. Setting policies that articulate the necessity of detection, resolution, and prevention of issues that hinder quality or create risks form the


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