Unit 520

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Tina Kenny 15.09.14

Unit 520: Recruitment and selection within health and social care settings.
Outcome 1: Understand the recruitment and selection processes in health and social care settings.
1.1 Explain the impact on selection and recruitment processes, in own setting of:
1.2 Explain circumstances when it is necessary to seek specialist expertise in relation to recruitment and selection.
Answers: 1.1 & 1.2
In health and social care the recruitment and selection process is that, initial employment is conditional upon the provision of a satisfactory criminal records certificate of a level appropriate to the post as per the legislation requirements. All staff are required to consent to subsequent criminal records checks from time to
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Much of the grey literature was focused on good practice and guidance. The evidence came mainly from the UK, as the policy and organisational context for overseas studies was so different. Policy in practice, a number of studies from around the UK indicate the gap between policy and implementation in respect of adult safeguarding. There is good evidence that, there are gaps between policy on adult safeguarding and the implementation of policies and procedures at the local level. There is some evidence to support, Staff follow procedures in clear or extreme cases but may rely on their own judgement in more complex cases. Serious case reviews and injuries have contributed to the establishment of policies and procedures within recruitment which safeguards vulnerable adults, based on the above.

Outcome 2: Be able to contribute to the recruitment process in health and social care settings.
2.1 Review job description and person specifications to meet work setting objectives.
When comparing job description vs. job specification, the former defines the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a job and the latter lists the required skills, qualification, and experience required to do the job. Both are essential in hiring candidates that will make a good fit. slide 1 of 4
The quality of the workforce plays a big roles in the success of any business. Good employees who have the competence and temperament to do the required job contribute to achieving


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