Preparing for Academic Success at Graduate Level

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Preparing For Academic Success at the Graduate Level
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Renee Lemieux

Preparing for Academic Success at the Academic Level

Being successful academically is what students devote their time and efforts to while pursuing a collegiate education at the graduate level. Many find it hard and frustrating to take on such a responsibility at this level because of certain standards of writing, and the time management needed to stay focused on your writing.
Becoming prepared for the responsibilities your about to take on can be overwhelming, but in the end you will be rewarded with success in your future, if the proper steps to getting there are taken.

Graduate Level Writing

At graduate level
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Avoiding the unintentional plagiarism a person must give credit where credit is due. To do this a person needs to cite everything, this means citing where you found and researched the information found, who said it or quoted it, and where the information or research was located. By telling other readers where the research or information was found they can further go back to find this information and do further research on the topic. To make life simple in following steps to avoid plagiarism, it’s important to remember to cite the sources. There are some other steps in avoiding the unintentional plagiarism but there are five simple rules suggested by Ober et al. (2012).

5 simple Rules in Avoiding Plagiarism

Rule 1: Do not copy
It is not a good practice to simply copy what is found in other people’s work, books or even your own writing. If you have to do so, do it properly by copying it with quotation marks and appropriate citation.

Rule 2: Write in your own words paraphrasing means putting someone else’s ideas into your own words but care must be taken as changing a few words and rearranging the original sentence is still considered as “copying”. Hence, though paraphrasing is commonly suggested as one of the ways to avoid plagiarism it is much better to avoid paraphrasing and rather use your own original “voice”.



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