How New Technology Impacts on Dry Bulk Terminals

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The evolution of new technology has impacted drastically on the design and layout of bulk terminals. This has led to the massive turnaround of port operations. Since, equipment are becoming more automated it results in quick freight management and lessens the inventory process in ports. Containerization has made the work easier and cheaper as it is easier for freight forwarders to send a wide array of commodities. Revolution in new computerized systems on vessels has led for the expansion in ports or the building of new wharves, and has also reduced traffic within berths. The new technology era has developed trade competition and high productivity levels.

A port is a harbour that has been developed of dock walls,
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Transshipment operations are minimal and rapid, which increase the utilization level of the modal assets and port productivity. Modernization of port facilities led to the building of new wharves and port facilities away from the urban areas due to more land space of many countries they became trade hubs protecting trades worldwide. Containerized terminals have significantly impacted on the structure and operations of bulk terminals. Containerization limits cargo damage risks due to its high resistance to shocks and change in weather conditions, this however, reduces cargo insurance since the cargoes are less prone to being damaged at sea. The revolution has brought forth security benefits since the theft of valuable commodities can be reduced wen stacked in a container making it harder for thieves to break into due to the anonymity of the cargo this make it easier for cargo owners as (Branch) their insurance premium rates are reduced. According to Patrick Alderton Port Management and Operations (2005) the revolution


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