Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment

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Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide *
Functional Health Pattern (FHP) Template Directions:
This FHP template is to be used for organizing community assessment data in preparation for completion of your collaborative learning community (CLC) assignment. Address every bulleted statement in each section with data or rationale for deferral. You may also add additional bullet points if applicable to your community.

Value/Belief Pattern
Predominant ethnic and cultural groups along with beliefs related to health. * Caucasian 69.9% * Hispanic 17% * Black 5.8%
Predominant spiritual beliefs in the community that may influence health. * Christian
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* High Forrest Fire mitigation departments ( higher after the Waldo Canyon Fire/ Black Forrest Fire of 2012/2013. * High number of community fitness centers including Lifetime Fitness, 24 Hr Fitness, numerous Yoga/Pilates studios. Etc. * Community funded Dental clinics and programs, (Comfort Dental) * As with any community there could always be more services provided to the community.
Available health professionals, health resources within the community, and usage. * University Memorial Health System ( County Hospital) Central and North * Centura owned Penrose-St. Francis Health system- Penrose Main, St Francis North * Planned Parenthood- STD prevention, Women’s Health, Contraceptive services. * El Paso County Health Department (County Run) * Community Urgent Care centers * Mental Health Centers
Common referrals to outside agencies. * Homeless referrals for jobs/healthcare * WIC * CMS (Medicaid Offices) * Mental Health Offices * Specialty Health (Children’s Hospital Remote center for care of chronic conditions such as diabetes, endocrine disorders, cardiac, renal etc.)

Indicators of nutrient deficiencies. * High number of homeless community members * Poverty rates/ low income have poorer nutrition historically.
Obesity rates or percentages: Compare to CDC statistics. * 38.6% Healthy Weight * 37.8% Overweight * 23.6% Obese * 19.1% No physical


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