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Week 1 Assignment Worksheet


Match the following descriptions to the correct perspective:

1. ___B.___ perspective focuses on how learning experiences affect behavior, and focuses on behavior that is observable.
2. __E___ perspective focuses on the effect of unresolved conflicts from childhood, and how those conflicts unconsciously shape behavior.
3. __D___ perspective focuses on free will, conscious choices, and self-awareness, and views humans as distinct individuals with unique characteristics.
4. ___C__ perspective examines the mental processes used to obtain knowledge, and focuses on how information is processed, stored, retrieved, and manipulated.
5. __A___ perspective
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perception_ Finally, form perception indicates the contextualization of particular objects in a given environment, whereby the eyes sees them as primarily 2-D and at times as 3-D depending on the way of their placement. It is also the understanding of what characterizes the inner and outer core of an object_

5. When I look at a white piece of paper, I can still recognize it as white whether I am outside in bright sunlight, or sitting in a dark room. perception__ Color perception, on the other hand, describes the way the visual senses, denoting the eyes, observe hues and contextualize them in the environment I notice that the light is on in the living room. sensation_Exteroceptive senses which are sense that perceives the body’s own position, motion and state.


Music is playing in the elevator. . sensation_ Exteroceptive senses which are sense that perceives the body’s own position, motion and state.
7. I notice that my mom is baking bread as I walk into the house to greet her. sensation Interoceptive senses are senses that perceive sensations in internal organs


When I wash my hands at school, I notice that the water feels hot. sensation___Exteroceptive senses which are sense that perceives the body’s own position, motion and state.

When I had an infected tooth extracted, I experienced pressure as the tooth separated from the gums. sensation Interoceptive senses are senses that


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