A Family Health Evaluation Utilizing Marjory Gordon’s Eleven Functional Health Patterns

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Family Health Evaluation

A Family Health Evaluation utilizing
Marjory Gordon’s Eleven Functional Health Patterns
Grand Canyon University
May 18, 2014

Family Health Evaluation In 1987, Marjorie Gordon developed a list of Functional Health Patterns that could be used as a guide to assess a family’s health patterns, which could be developed into a data base for that particular family. This data base was projected to help in setting goals for the future health of the family. This paper will discuss the healthy and unhealthy behaviors of the Kessay Family, which are all registered members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Whiteriver, Arizona. This family assessment will also discuss what was talked about in trying to develop
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The general consensus was that they were “OK” as far as elimination patterns went. This writer came close to losing the entire family discussion at this point. She did the best she could with the material given.

Family Health Evaluation
Activity/Exercise: As previously discussed, the family stays active as much as possible. The father routinely runs, but the mother does not. She is rather plump, and realizes that it is a problem. She states she does the best she can. The 2 girls are involved in school sports, and exercise and run on a daily basis. The family attends tribal functuions and ceremonies on a routine basis. The family indicated that they thought they were as healty as most other people of their community. None of the family is on any routine medications, but the mother takes vitamin supplements daily.
Cognition and Perception: When asked this question, the family at first did not comprehend what this writer was asking. At this point, impatience was starting to show, what with all these “stupid” questions that this “billigana” was asking. (this was muttered under the breath at one point by the oldest girl). This writer decided that expedience was in order, so she shortened the question and answer session. These people were friends, and she didn’t want to strain the relationship. She felt she was lucky to get this far, being as she was “an old white woman”