Assess and Workplace as a Learning Environment

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MENTORSHIP PREPARATION | Assess and critically analysis your workplace as a learning environment and identify any changes you could make | |


Appendix 1
SWOT analysis of my work place. A SWOT is an acronym for strength, weaknesses; Opportunities and Threats). A SWOT analysis is a successful way of examing your own mentorship role and helping you grow and move forwards.
a) Good communication skills b) Good timekeeping c) Good team player d) Organisation skills e) Maturation f) Supportive g) Professional skills h) Well experienced
a) No mentor’s knowledge b) Poor time management c) Find it hard to fill someone d) Unsure about teaching e)
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(Wilkes 2006) Andrews and Wallis 1999, Paper et 2003, and Wilkes 2006. Supports that a mentor needs a variety of personal qualities to bring the placement experience, to be able to assess and teach the student in a meaningful way; therefore they are to have a maximum of two students allocated at one time. It is mandatory for each student to keep an ongoing achievement record, which is a document where learning attainments and comments from mentors are kept. It is a record of student’s involvement which allows mentors to identify areas of improvement and it can be used as a tool of communication between mentors, students and university lectures. A good relationship provides a conductive learning environment that involves listening to students and valuing their opinions even if they differ from that of your own (Thomson 2006).I will encourage the student to ask questions and also express their learning through sharing in knowledge with the reassurance that they will not be put down if they are wrong (Wallace 2003). To be able to motivate students through being positive and providing a warm and accepting environment and offering praise and encouragement to build upon confidence and self esteem (Walters 2005) Conclusion Nursing is a practical-based profession and to complete nursing training successfully a student must achieve both academic and


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