Functional Health Pattern Community Assessment

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Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide

Functional Health Pattern (FHP) Template Directions:
This FHP template is to be used for organizing community assessment data in preparation for completion of your collaborative learning community (CLC) assignment. Address every bulleted statement in each section with data or rationale for deferral. You may also add additional bullet points if applicable to your community.

Value/Belief Pattern
Predominant ethnic and cultural groups along with beliefs related to health.
Predominant spiritual beliefs in the community that may influence health.
Availability of spiritual resources within or near the community (churches/chapels, synagogues, chaplains, Bible studies,
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Obesity rates or percentages: Compare to CDC statistics.
Affordability of food/available discounts or food programs and usage (e.g., WIC, food boxes, soup kitchens, meals-on-wheels, food stamps, senior discounts, employee discounts, etc.).
Availability of water (e.g., number and quality of drinking fountains).
Fast food and junk food accessibility (vending machines).
Evidence of healthy food consumption or unhealthy food consumption (trash, long lines, observations, etc.).
Provisions for special diets, if applicable.
For schools (in addition to above): o Nutritional content of food in cafeteria and vending machines: Compare to ARS 15-242/The Arizona Nutrition Standards (or other state standards based on residence) o Amount of free or reduced lunch


1.What is the rate of obesity in your community
I don’t see anyone I will call Obese maybe overweight

2.Do you have programs to provide for those who cannot afford food
We have a food pantry every Sunday where people can pick up food such as bread, fruits and canned foods. The food is donated by local grocery stores
3.Do you have vending machine and what is in it. We have one vending machine and it is a soda machine.

Elimination (Environmental Health Concerns)
Common air contaminants’ impact on the community.
Waste disposal.
Pest control: Is the community notified of pesticides usage?
Hygiene practices (laundry services, hand washing, etc.).


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