Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Karen Youngblood
Grand Canyon University

February 02, 2012

Family Health Assessment
Gordon’s functional health patterns is a method developed by Marjorie Gordon in 1987 proposed functional health patterns as a guide establishing a comprehensive nursing data base(Kriegler & Harton, 1992). Gordon’s11 functional health patterns are; health perception/ health management, nutrition, pattern of elimination, activity/ excerise, cognitive, sleep/ rest, self perception/ self concept, roles/ relationships, sexuality, coping/ stress and values/ beliefs. By using these categories it’s possible to create a systematic and standardized approach to data collection and enables the nurse to determine the following
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Elimination assessment is focused on excretory patterns (Kriegler & Harton, 1992). The Semanovich family doesn’t seem to have any Elimination issues. No one in the family has problems with urination or their bowel movements.
Activity and exercise assessment is focused on the activities of ADL’s, exercise and leisure activities (Kriegler & Harton, 1992). Activities and exercise is limited in this family due to how busy their lives are currently. They don’t exercise although Mr. and Mrs. Semanovich know how important it is for them to exercise especially with her diabetes. Mrs. Semanovich says there’s just not enough time in the day to exercise. Normal ADL's aren’t a problem with this family. They are able to function at a high level with every day activities.
Cognitive and Sensory- Perception is the assessment is focused on the ability to comprehend and use information and on the sensory functions (Kriegler & Harton, 1992). Data on neurologic functions are assessed. Mr. and Mrs. Semanovich are highly educated individuals. Mrs. Semanovich has a master’s degree in education and Mr. Semanovich is currently working on his master’s degree in business. No mental, cognitive or sensory issues were noted. Their children don’t have any learning deficits. No one in this family has any mental or sensory deficits.
Self-Perception assessment is focused on an individual’s attitude towards self


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