Heritage and Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Grand Canyon University
NRS 429 V
August 15, 2012

Family Health Assessment “A family is a set of interacting individuals related by marriage, blood, and adoption or by cohabitation interdependently perform relevant functions to fulfill expected role” (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Systems theory allows a nurse to view patient as a whole family unit, which the action of each member will influence one another. Family developmental theory is to assist the patients through every stage of life. Gordon’s functional health patterns are eleven principles incorporated with the nursing process to collect data, assess patients and families, and provide a diagnosis for
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The oldest daughter graduated from Alabama A&M with a Bachelors degree in communications and currently in an online program for her Masters Degree. This author has her Associates Degree in Nursing, working towards her Bachelors Degree. The youngest siblings are currently in college. Education has always been of important focus in this family. The father believed that without an education being successful was a fifty fifty chance. His saying is, “the man that wears the gold make the rules”. In order for his children to wear gold, they would have to be successful. Sensory Perception The Father and youngest daughter wear glasses for reading. This author and her brother wear prescription contacts. This family reported no hearing problems. After having bilateral total knee replacement this author’s father complains often of knee pain often, but refuses to take pain medications. The step- mother has no problems with sight or pain. Self Perception The parents believe that they are good citizens of the community, hardworking, respectable, and practicing Baptist. The father has been the block captain in his neighbor for the past thirty years. This family has practiced good health for most of their lives by eating right and exercising. This family shares a strong multicultural background combining Caucasian, African American, West Indies, and Hispanic background. This family has lived in the same house for the past thirty


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