Family Health Assessment Essay

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Wilma J Barboza
NRS 429V Family Health Assessment
Grand Canyon University

Family Health Assessment plays significant role in formulating an appropriate healthcare plan within a family setup. An appropriate health assessment is utilized as a tool for the evaluation of health issues for understanding health choices and assistance in making appropriate health - related choices for a targeted family. Every family is unique having variety of perceptions and different ways of life style. Health care professionals and nurses play an important role in promoting health care for the family. The term family represents children and biological parents living together in a most harmonious way. These family members need to adapt to
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This is one of the causes for diabetes the husband is suffering from.

Activity and Exercise

The family never works out and don’t pay attention about their health. Their eating habits and lack of exercise resulted in obesity and finally diabetes to husband. He looked very depressed, showed low energy levels, negativity, and low self-esteem and is now on high blood sugar and heart medications. The wife gets some degree of exercise when she walks to the grocery store to buy grocery. Children play in school get some amount of exercise but sit idle in front of the television watching their favorite programs. This further escalated with continuation of risk of obesity, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases to the children in the near future. When asked why they do not have an exercise plan, they gave few reasons. They do not have enough time to exercise due to commute and busy work conditions. They find it inconvenient to exercise. Lack of self-motivation was present in the family. They find exercise is boring and less enjoyable. However, exercise is very essential to keep the body fit and healthy. The body needs to be toned up in a regular manner. Exercise helps in improving overall vitality and makes to feel energetic and vibrant.


Due to unhealthy eating habits and poor exercise the family members suffered in one way or the other. The husband, who is a diabetic suffered slight


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