Berry and Blackmore

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Jenny Chen
Professor Mookerjee
Basic Composition 100R
Section QF
October 01, 2015
Paper 2- Final Draft
Imagination vs Reality When it comes to imagination versus reality, the processes in the brain are different. But just how different are they? Our mind can run away with us, leading us to act through suspicion or fear, but we can also use our imagination as a tool to change our life. Humans have tended to draw a line between reality—that which we “actually” experience—and imagination, seen as a frivolous, dreamlike deflection. For ages, spiritual contemplatives and artists have taken flights of imagination much more seriously and challenged the firmness of that line. It is just like how imagination plays a very real role in our
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By obeying the influence of memes, we (as humans) are feeding capitalism and building it further. The memes have spread to anyone who is willing to buy into it. One way of interpreting this would be when one tells us that if you do as the rich people, who works hard, you will be granted with more money. The capitalistic memes are in our minds every time we rush to work and work as hard as we can. On the other hand, knowledge is the understanding of someone or something acquired through learning or experience. The acquisition of knowledge always involves the revelation of ignorance. Our knowledge of the world instructs us that the world is greater than our knowledge of it. To those who rejoice in the abundance and intricacy in creation, this is a source of meme. The evidence is overwhelming that knowledge does not solve "the human problem." Indeed, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that knowledge is the problem; or perhaps we should say instead that all our problems tend to gather under two questions about knowledge: Having the ability and desire to know, how and what should we learn? And, having learned, how and for what should we use what we know? Thus, according to Berry, “scientists and scholars in the knowledge industry- corporate or academic, if there is a difference- are probably in the greatest moral jeopardy of anybody except political, military, and corporate leaders. All knowledge now is potentially of a commodity, and there is