F&N Strategic Management

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Vision: “To be a world-class multinational enterprise with an Asian base, providing superior returns with a focus on the Food & Beverage, Properties and Publishing & Printing businesses.”
Mission: “To be a world-class multinational enterprise providing superior returns to our shareholders, excellent value for our customers and a rewarding career for our employees.”

F&N existing strategy is differentiation , this is through product innovation (coming up with new products), brand name (Magnolia, Seasons, 100 plus), distribution channels (the Asian region and also soon the Middle East with its Halal certification)

STRENGTHEN AND GROW THE CORE Maximize synergies and
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Use the location of F&N companies across the Asia pacific to meet the high demand of product (S1,O3) 2. Increase production of beverage to satisfy consumers demand and maintain the strong position in beverage market (O5,S5) 3. Heineken offers is a huge advantage for strong position in general market and in maintaining leadership position (O2,S2) | 1. Use high demand of product overcome the decline in the revenue of the company by producing more product for consumers demand by increasing advertisement level (W5,O3) 2. Overcome the decline in profit from china development property with the strong demand for real estate property reducing non-value added cost in Asia (W3,O1) 3. Heineken offers will increase the market capitalization by investor channel the fund to the required aspects of the business (W2,O2) | 1. Use the availability of location across the 15 countries in Asia to always create awareness of the exchange rate fluntaration (S1,T4) 2. Risk awareness and management to reduce damage in natural disaster that might occur in future (T2,T5,S5) 3. Use part of the revenue to amend every damage incurred during the flooding that took place (S3,T3) | 1. Increase in promotion to achieve consumers confidence in the product and also the in ability to establish a competitive foothold (W1,T3) 2. Reduce production cost to increase revenue and to reduce weight of


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