T Est Bank-Project Managment

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Chapter 1: An Introduction to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management


1. In the past, project management primarily focused on providing schedule and resource data to top management in the military and construction industries.

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2. Most organizations claim that project management delivers higher profit margins at the expense of worker morale.

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3. The term “operations” refers to work done in an organization to sustain a business.

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4. A project has a definite beginning and a definite end.

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5. The targets for scope, time, and cost are defined in the middle of a project.

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6. Projects
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Two important concepts that help projects meet enterprise goals are the use of programs and project ____ management.

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16. Given a program for building one hundred residential single family homes in a particular neighborhood, each home is a separate ____ for a specific homeowner.

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17. A program ____ provides leadership and direction for the project managers heading the projects within the program.

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18. Portfolio managers help their organizations make wise investment decisions by helping to select and analyze projects from a(n)____ perspective.

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19. Individual projects often address ____ goals, whereas project portfolio management addresses strategic goals.

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20. Pacific Edge Software’s product manager, Eric Burke, defines project ____ management as “the continuous process of selecting and managing the optimum set of project initiatives that deliver maximum business value.”

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21. By grouping projects into ____, organizations can better tie their projects to meeting