Riordan Manufacturing: Production Plan

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Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing strives to be the leader in using polymer materials to provide solutions to customer’s challenges. The main focus is to achieve and maintain reasonable profitability to assure that the financial and human capital is available for sustained growth. In order to obtain these goals Riordan Manufacturing will need to have a strong production plan.

Strategic Capacity Planning Riordan Manufacturing has Chinese business partners with facilities in China. These facilities are in close proximity to the Qiantang River. The river access leads to Hangzhou Bay, which is sufficient to handle our shipping needs. Therefore, Riordan Manufacturing made a decision to take the electric
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One solution to the communication barrier issue would be to implement a part-time, contract position for the Chinese facility for the times when the Assistant Plant Manager is absent. This position would require a native Mandarin speaker to be employed contractually to assist the American Plant Manager with communication issues. The person would need to have a production background, 1-2 years of management experience, and fluency in Mandarin. As far as weather goes, there is not much to be done except to consider using truck routes in the case of adverse weather in the ocean regions. This solution may also lower costs of shipping by sea during winter and very rainy seasons. Truck routes can be used as an alternative to shipping by sea, and will potentially save time and money by avoiding longer wait times in queue at each shipping port.

Supply Chain The current supply chain for Riordan Manufacturing and its production line in China consists of many different areas. Although the facilities are located in China, the closest transportation location would be that of the Qiantang River which leads to the Hangzhou Bay. The river will be the first part of the distribution. Once the parts reach the bay, the Hangzhou Bay locations are responsible for shipping the items to the Shanghai Port. From the


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