Chapter 1 Canteen Thesis

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Chapter 1
The Problem and its Setting

Introduction: The school environment plays an important role in nurturing and sustaining good eating habits ( This became the basis for the researchers to focus on the problem regarding the functionality of the school cafeteria facilities and the satisfaction of the students toward it. The researches chose to study the given topic to find out if the school cafeteria meets the satisfaction of the students in terms of nutritional value of products, its marketability or cost, sanitation of the facilities and its adequacy and for the cafeteria to be informed on the things that they must improve in their services. Canteen has a special role
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Hypothesis In the line of the observations made by the researchers, they would like to present the hypothesis below.
1. Is there a significant relationship between the functionality of school cafeteria and the students satisfaction made by Laguna State Polytechnic University-San Pablo City Campus Laboratory High school students A.Y 2012-2013.

Significance of the study
The research will be of significant to: To the Canteen Personnel, For them to find out if they meet the satisfaction of the students and for them to be informed if improvement is needed in terms of their service. To the School Administrator, For them to find out if the school cafeteria needs their support in the improvement of the facilities. For future researches, it will serve as basis in giving related studies about the satisfaction of the students in the school cafeteria functionality.

Scope and limitation The study is specifically focuses on the respondents perception on the functionality of school cafeteria facilities among the Laboratory High school students of Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus A.Y 2012-2013. This study was limited to the level of student’s satisfaction in terms of services provided, ventilation, nutritional values of sold products and cost of products.


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