The Need for a Strategic Approach to Enterprise Mobility

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Today's enterprises are under tremendous pressure to keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace while supporting employees, customers, and consumers who are using an entirely new set of capabilities to meet their needs. Capabilities such as social media, cloud services, analytics, and mobility are enabling users and buyers to localize and personalize specific needs to do a variety of tasks, whether for professional or personal purposes. While the combination of these capabilities is radically altering the means by which enterprises need to do business, the move to a mobile-enabled world is creating tremendous opportunities for enterprises to
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This explosion of data is challenging the ability of businesses to obtain the strategic insight they need to ensure optimal performance and user adoption of services.  Using cloud services to support mobile needs. Enterprises are increasingly shifting to using cloud services (e.g., PaaS, TaaS, IaaS, SaaS, BPaaS) to support their businesses. When mobility is used as part of procuring cloud services, the complexity of managing a business is elevated dramatically given that any user with a "smart" device (e.g., phone, tablet) can procure any type of cloud service. This will only further complicate how enterprises manage the many types of mobile-enabled cloud services that need to be integrated into their business while maintaining control. Part of the road map to building a high-performance mobile organization will require taking into account all the aforementioned drivers of mobility. However, businesses must incorporate a number of additional factors into their mobile strategy to truly help optimize their businesses. First, they must understand the different types of relationships a business needs to service, whether business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), or business to employee (B2E). Critical to gaining this understanding is


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