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The case is focused on major issues faced by Templeton Hardware while operating newly acquired businesses. The given case is a best example of poor organisational management. Templeton hardware was willing to expand its business in new products and services hence they acquired The Great Outdoors and Lodeston Landscapes.
Actions taken by Templeton
Decisions for acquiring two companies were taken by the company in hurry and all the implementation and changes took place very quickly. The company changed the name of both the acquired companies from the great outdoors to Templeton Caravans and from Lodeston Landscapes to Templeton landscape solutions. Templeton planned to operate all the business from existing hardware store locations. All The
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The hardware shopping is need driven with low cost involvement hence customers spend very less time in hardware outlet. Customer does not look for special ambience and treatment in hardware store. On the other hand buying a caravan is a costly affair and customer want a special luxury treatment. Dealing with a hardware customer is altogether different from dealing a caravan customer. Templeton employees were unable to handle caravan customers (Therese F. Yaeger and Peter F. Sorensen, 2009). * Employees were not trained to deal with high end customers which was reflected in comments provided by the customers. * Innovation in products and services was also missing. Customer did not find caravan manufactured by Templeton very attractive and worth for huge sum they are going to spend. Services provided by the company were also dull. * Approach to the locations was also not good. High end customers look for a VIP treatment. They did not find landscaping of the location very delightful. * Templeton did not take landscaping business very seriously hence all the new contracts were managed very poorly. New contract were further outsourced to other companies. Templeton act as middle man in landscaping contracts.
Positive and Negative Aspects of the Processes
Positive Aspects of the Processes: It is very difficult for any organisation to develop a new product. As mentioned by Jinhong Xie, X. Michael Song


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