Superjuice Case Analysis

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Case Analysis: SuperJuice
I. Problem Statement * Facts of the Case
Luisa de la Cruz, CEO of SuperJuice * Worked her way up the corporate ladder for 15 years
SuperJuice - a Florida-based company that produces and markets juice drinks to high schools and restaurants throughout the Southeast * The most successful juice drink maker in the region for almost two decades * Established efficient sets of system both in the factory and at the headquarters * Managers focus on making high-quality products with minimum expenses * Most of the company’s 200 employees had joined the company right after graduating (high school or college) and liked how the company operated * Employees were always
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punctuality, high efficiency, etc.) exhibited by SuperJuice employees may be classified in the surface level of culture for they are readily observable; on the other hand, the traditional values like treating one another as family or disapproval of unprofessional behavior in the office are underlying assumptions that may be classified under the fundamental level of culture.
While the company might seem appealing or ideal given the relatively relaxed state of internal affairs, it is important to note that a strong corporate culture still isn’t enough to perform well and survive in any industry. Healthy organizational cultures should be able to adapt to the external environment and unfortunately, the organizational culture within SuperJuice has not been beneficial for them to succeed in their environment. With its current setup, the organizational culture within SuperJuice may be classified as a consistency culture—their focus is on following organizational rules, being thrifty, and adhering to their “tried and tested” ways of running the organization in order to achieve a perceived state of stability. SuperJuice rewards a methodical, rational, and orderly way of doing things and disapproves deviations to this ideal, as shown in how they dealt with the aforementioned employees who tried to be more creative but