Explain How Communication Skills Are Used in Health Care

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Unit 1- D1: Explain how communication skills can be used in health or care environment in effective communication

Communication is much more than just talking; it the means of getting the message across through obtaining information, giving information, ideas shared, opinions and views. (buzzle.com, 2010)However it is important to have a good communication between service users and the service providers which then helps to build a good relationship. There are four types of communication which include verbal, non verbal, written, computerised and special communication.
So In this assignment I am going to be talking about the different communication skills used in a health settings i.e. (hospitals, nursery, mental institute, schools,
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Although it is useful it could come as a barrier to some service users i.e. a service user might lack computer skills, children cannot be able to access it and the elderly people who don’t have knowledge to use it or might feel unconscious of using it.

Special methods: This method of communication is specially used for those who have learning disabilities, children, and people with sensory deprivation. The purpose of this method is to build relationship, exchange information, and develop understanding. (Groups of works, 1914) In health care setting, numbers like 1-10 are used to ask children about their pain where 1 can be the least pain and 10 can be the more pain. Makaton and Braille are examples of special methods. Makaton is a very simple language based on a list of simple everyday words, which uses speech, facial expression, gesture, signs, eye contact, body language, symbols and words to aid communication. In social care setting, career has to come across different people who might have physically or mentally difficulties. On the other hand Braille is about using the sense of touch. The written words are raised so that it can be easily felt by fingers. It is specially made for those people with limited vision. In care setting, applying such method plays a vital role as it applies while communicating with all age group. For example if we want to ask a child if he/she would like a


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