5 Factors Affecting Inbound and Domestic Tourism

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5 Factors affecting inbound and domestic tourism * Health, safety and security * Economic recession in the UK * Exchange rates * Weather * Accessibility

Economic recession in the UK
When the UK economy is doing well, its pound sterling is strong. However, having a strong pound actually discourage visitors from overseas because when they exchange their money in pound they will be getting less money, so it make visiting UK expensive and it deter inbound visitor from visiting UK.
Regardless to that when UK is in a recession the sterling is weak which means that overseas visitor can get more pounds for their money and would find UK much more cheaper which encourage inbound visitor to visit the UK. A recession
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These tell us that during October 2011, the UK has founded a 2.6% increase in the amount of visitors of visitors using UK airports.
These tell us that during October 2011, the UK has founded a 2.6% increase in the amount of visitors of visitors using UK airports.

Health, safety and security
Visitor safety remains an important topic worldwide. Perceived or real threats to visitor safety have immediate impacts on a destination's reputation and can dramatically affect visitation. If visitor health and safety is not well managed, adverse incidents can significantly impact on the profitability and sustainability of an individual business, community or destination. If a visitor feels threatened or unsafe during a trip this may impact on length of stay and expenditure in a destination and decrease the likelihood of repeat visitation. If a destination develops a negative image for visitor safety this will likely result in a declining visitor market for the region.
The UK has stringent health and safety legislation so tourists can expect to be as safe, or safer, and secure than they would be in their own countries. However some people the habit of behaving differently when they are on holiday and might not be as much aware as they normally are of their situations and this make them vulnerable to crime than others, especially if they are unfamiliar with their


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