Health History

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Course Project Milestone 1: Health History Form
Directions: Refer to the Milestone 1: Health History guidelines and grading rubric found in Doc Sharing to complete the information below. This assignment is worth 175 points, with 5 points awarded for clarity of writing, which means the use of proper grammar, spelling and medical language.
Type your answers on this form. Click “Save as” and save the file with the assignment name and your last name, e.g., “NR305_Milestone1_Form_Smith” When you are finished, submit the form to the Milestone #1 Dropbox by the deadline indicated in your guidelines. Post questions in the Q&A Forum or contact your instructor if you have questions about this assignment.
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I do not use any herbs or bush medicines as my parents did as children for any ailments. The only practice I probably use is making chicken soup when someone has a cold. | Factors influencing healthcare decisions: | Factors influencing my healthcare decision include a few things. I usually consider the recommendation of my doctor, what my spouse and family feels is right and through prayer I make a decision on what is best for me. | Related traits, habits or acts: | Habits that I practice every day are eating a high fiber cereal for breakfast, drink plenty of water and keep moving. Even though I am not designating a specific time for exercising at this time, I still get approximately half an hour of activity with my toddler about 3 times per week. | MEDICATIONS (15 pts) | | Prescription medications: | Ferrous sulfate 325mg by mouth dailyPrenatal vitamins 1 tab daily | Over-the-counter medications: | Tylenol extra strength as needed for painI use this sparingly | Herbals: | none | PAST HISTORY (15 pts) | | Childhood diseases: | Chicken pox at 7 years old | Immunizations: | MMR in school, Influenza Vaccine yearly, Tdap 3 years ago, unsure of any other immunizations. | Allergies: | No allergies to food, medications, or environmental that I know of. | Blood transfusions: | Never had one | Major illnesses: | No major illnesses | Injuries: | No major injuries | Hospitalizations: | 2011 for birth of first infant | Labor and deliveries: |


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