Cultural Observation Project

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Cultural Observation Project 2

Location of Observation: Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach, SC
Date: September 28, 2013

Youth 201-Section #B01
What I Have Learned? (at least two full pages)

During this second observation at Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I learned many things. I went to this location on a Saturday night, where it was full of young people. The weather outside was warm, but rainy, so I believe this caused even more people to look for indoor fun, so the mall was packed on this Saturday night.
I began my observation in the food court, which is near the movie theatre. This is definitely a hot spot in the mall for young people. I got something to
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I wondered which ones were hungry because their parents couldn’t afford to have food in the house. And mostly I wondered which ones were hungry for the love of Jesus Christ.

Strategy: (at least two full pages)

As I left the mall that night, I had so many ideas running through my mind. I know I have to do something to make a difference in the lives of young people. I just wasn’t sure what. The voice of the enemy crept in saying there was nothing I could do, which zapped my enthusiasm. But as I began to pray about it, the negative thoughts went away and I was able to think more clearly about a plan to reach young people just like the ones I observed at the water park and the mall. First, my plan is to pray fervently and without ceasing for young people all over the world, particularly for those that live in my area. My prayer is for God to begin to soften their hearts so that when the Gospel does reach them, they will be ready and willing to hear and accept it as Truth. Then as their hearts are softened, I pray that God will send someone to share the Gospel with them. As this happens, I pray that they will listen with an open heart and mind and accept Jesus as their Savior before it is everlasting too late. It is also my prayer that young people who are already Christians will shine their light so brightly that other will see Jesus in them. I believe that this will make a bigger difference in their lives than I ever could myself.


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