The Difference Between Foundational and Church Age Apostles in Their Mission

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The Difference between Foundational and Church Age Apostles in their Mission

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The Difference between Foundational and Church Age Apostles in their Mission

The Sadducees, Pharisees and the Scribes were deeply concerned about Jesus. They knew at once that he was “utterly different and could not be silenced” (Hester, 1963, p. 155).

“Most official religious leaders of the Jews… were blinded by sin and could not discern light. Centuries of distorted teaching had prejudiced their thinking that they could not recognize the true Messiah.” (Hester, 1963,
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It is possible that James and Matthew are brothers. He too, was from Capernaum and a Galilean. (Crouse, 2010). Thaddeus: “He is called Thaddeus by Matthew and Mark. There is no surety of the identity of the James said to be his father” (Crouse, 2010). Simon: “He is called Simon the Zealot. He may have joined Jesus' group because he saw Jesus as a possible political leader who would lead in a revolt against Rome. It is significant to note that Simon was still with The Twelve after the resurrection”. (Crouse, 2010). Judas: The Betrayer, the Traitor, the Son of Perdition. He may have been named for a well-known Jewish hero at that time--Judas Maccabeus. He was probably from the tribe of Judah and the only disciple from Judea. His father was Simon from the village of Kerioth. One of the most important things to note about Judas is that no one ever suspected that he was a phony. In fact, they trusted him so much he was the treasurer of the Twelve (Crouse, 2010). Matthias: “He was chosen to take the place of Judas by the method of drawing lots. Earlier tradition says he was one of the 70” Crouse, 2010). They spent three years in training with Jesus. At this time they observed, absorbed, and learned from Jesus. The foundational age apostles’ long-term mission was to be instilled with the Holy Spirit, so that they were changed from being timid,