Early Civilization Compared to Modern Day America

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Early civilization shared similar common features, because all of these societies were under the same pressures. Their whole purpose was survival as it is to this day. Each societies main focus was to become established, stay in one place provide food, shelter and protection for their families. Early civilizations materialize along rivers, because rivers supplied a continuous and dependable supply of water for farming and human consumption. Agriculture today has had an enormous benefit on today’s society, there are now more farmers growing organic fruits and vegetables because the realize the great health benefits organic foods have on human consumption, providing less risk of pesticides and or chemicals on their food.
These rivers
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For example, people today take so much for granted and are less appreciative as to how much they have, back in earlier civilization they only had rations of food to eat maybe one decent meal a day and were probably happier then because they did not have the luxuries we have today they have less illness as we do mostly because their food supply was fresh with no additives, preservatives or fats of any kind there were no health issue such as obesity, diabetes, or heart failure as today caused by all the junk we experiment with and consume. Also most adults and children today lack respect with very little qualities. Early civilizations children were taught this and respect should starts at home at a very young age and because children are so impressionable at that age they follow our lead and behavior to develop into respectful adults with love, compassion, honesty and wisdom to make a difference in their life and the lives of others. Not all children should be held accountable for their actions if they are not taught.
Many civilizations have their own way of expression their beliefs that are what makes us unique to who we are and the area we live in. I was raised from a big Italian family, our traditions and values grew along with our families, and we learned to preserve our heritage from numerous family members not just one. We were taught to cook, clean, traditions and religion and that family is important.


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