Analysis of Good Will Hunting

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This paper will discuss this student's perception, study and analysis of the character Will Hunting, in the movie Good Will Hunting. (Affleck and Damon, 1997) It will share the results and conclusions about the character of Will Hunting reached by this author, citing the methods and theories used to reach said results and conclusions. The report will provide a brief overview of the character, a cultural description of the character, discuss the character's personality development from each personality theory's point of view and include socio-cultural influences, learning history influences, bio-genetic influences as well as explain the author's impressions of the main character, Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting, and why,
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The judge also typifies Will's relationships with authority figures, in that he never received any sympathy or understanding for the abuse he went through in his foster homes, thus making him accept the abuse, and accept his role as abuser when he got the chance, like his physical abuse of those he fought, or his psychological abuse of the young graduate student in the bar when Chuckie was talking to Skylar and her friend. Will used his genius to mentally beat up the graduate student, and then later rubbed it in when he got Skylar's phone number, then made sure to flaunt the fact that he got the number to the young graduate student with whom he had the run in with in the other bar. Will had no idea how to deal with people, and no idea of how to feel anything but abused or what little power he got from playing his psychological games.
Will Hunting had his "good will" moments. He took up for and defended his friend in the bar when the graduate student started making his friend small; he knew the right small talk to make Skylar comfortable, yet in none of this did he give himself. In all of Will's behavior prior to therapy with Shawn, he masked himself and protected himself by living life through the words and thoughts of others, memorizing books, theorems, theories and living by what he saw others do each day. In his unguarded moments, at the end of the movie, he did have genuine


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