Development Plan - Accounting Office

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I – BACKGROUND The UEP Accounting office is considered to be one of the important units of the institution. The office establish and maintains, on behalf of the administration, an accurate accounting system, develo9ps a sound internal accounting controls to safeguard the university assets from loss through unauthorized use or disposition and assume the proper recording of financial transactions in accordance with Governmental Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The Accounting office is situated on the first floor-leftwing of the UEP-Administration building. The unit is headed by a young, brilliant, and dynamic man, with sixteen (16) competent employees under his supervision, who in their own way manage to be an asset of …show more content…
Availability of information about best practices in financial matters Threats a. Low staff income in comparison with private firms b. Traditional way in preparing reports c. Lack of technology advancement and updated devices d. Unstable power supply

V – Strategic Alternatives To better achieve the university’s goal and objectives, the following identified strategies are hoped to be operational:
1. Enroll for Electronic-new Government Accounting System (e-NGAS) e-NGAS became the talk of the town since it was formally launched in the last quarter of 2003. Heart warming testimonies on the efficiency of the system stream steadily from users in various government agencies which have availed of the system. The Philippine Commission on Audit is grated by the 1987 Constitution the “exclusive authority, subject to limitations, to define the scope of the audit examination, establish the techniques and methods required therefore and promulgate accounting and auditing rules, including those for the prevention and disallowance of irregular, unnecessary, excessive, extravagant, or uses of government funds and properties.” In this context, the Commission on Audit undertook the Government Simplification and Computerization Project. It is a major reform that replaced the old accounting system with a modernized New Government Accounting System


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