Sop for Handling Theft, Robbery Cases

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PURPOSE: To establish procedures for discouraging Robbery/Snatching/Theft/Fraud cases & also safeguard cash, stock, goods & assets of Company.

RESPONSIBILITIES: All employees are handling cash, stock, goods etc., must ensure compliance with this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).



1. All Branch Managers/Sub-Branch Managers/D.C. Managers will ensure before closing the office that all vans have entered in the branch, cash has been counted & kept in safe, security guards has taken their positions etc. 2. Security guards should have different positions but the position is like
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10. However, before reporting the matter to the police against our own employee, the approval from the DMD is mandatory. No such FIR could be lodged without written approval of DMD. 11. In such case the DMD may ask HR to form a committee to review the case and give final recommendation for lodging the FIR against own employee/s. However, the whole process should not take more than 5 days. Final decission will be taken by DMD as per his judgement call. 12. For amount exceeding, Rs. 20.000/- FIR will be required. For amount less than, Rs.20,000/- a police roznamcha report will be sufficient for adjustment of loss by the Finance Department.

Fraud by Own Employees

1. In case of detection of fraud by our own employee, the security manager will carry out investigation. Depending upon the nature of fraud, he will be assisted by some expert of the department concerned, for example, if a TSO or supplier is found involved, the business line concerned will arrange a suitable expert person. 2. On the recommendation of the inquiry report, if the matter is to be reported to police, the BM/his assistant, will report the matter to


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