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Minor case FootView 3D
Module 4: Product and market development

1, What are the strategic options for product and/or market development for the organisation? – Ansoff’s product-matrix

Ansoff’s product-matrix


Existing products
New Products



Market Penetration:

Price drop for current measurement unit (UK)-- not mentioned in case

Product Development:

New generation(cheaper) measurement unit & innovative and cost effective prototypes in UK market


Market Development:

Targeting new customer segments in the same
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The Board of ConQ has publicly decided the move into civilian market.
Senior management team is responsible for FootView 3D product.

4,If the organisation is considering new market development, is the organisation trying to enter a new customer or geographic market? Or both?
ConQ is obviously consider new market development and identified the two largest footwear markets in the world - the US and China.
In the minor case study given, new customer market development is evident for the US market and a combination of new customer and geographic market development will be needed for developing China market.
For US market
The new market development in the US is considered a new customer market development - a civilian (non military) market development.
As ConQ has spent more than 20 years conducting business in the US market, Coli, the CEO, considers the US market a local market.
ConQ’s US division has extensive warehousing and production capabilities, and has been highly adaptable to market changes, albeit in the defence industry.
ConQ has no retail experience in the US, but they feel they know how to do business there.
For China market
For China market, it is a combination of both customer and geographic markets development because ConQ had never done any business in China market before.
ConQ plans to test the market only in the city of Wenzhou, regarded as the footwear capital of China, Coli plans