Business Redesign for Healthlite Yogurt Company

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Business Structure Healthlite’s corporate headquarters is located in Danbury, Connecticut. All production takes place in processing plants that are located in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee,
Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California. Healthlite Yogurt Company has 20 sales regions, each with approximately 30 sales representatives. Healthlite has a 12 person in marketing division at corporate headquarters. Products Yogurt and related health products and new yogurt based products which would include frozen desserts and low-fat salad dressings. Major Business Processes for Sales
The following are the way Healthlite conducts business in a day-to-day basis:
· Sales persons must write up hard-copy
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If there are problems or requests required, the recipient on the email can quickly act on it. Intranet is another option the company could use. Intranet is a private computer network that can be accessed by authorized persons only. These will ensure that secret company information will not fall on the wrong hands. Adding Intranet and Internet service will definitely improve the company’s day-to-day operations.

To help facilitate the transition and to make better use of the technology or new system, the following recommendations are given: · Healthlite should install an entire enterprise system and not limit itself to the customer relationship management component, or better known as CRM, of the system.
In order to be effective, Healthlite could introduce the changes phase by phase.
· This approach in implementing the enterprise software will enable users to adapt to the system well, starting with the order and sales process and advancing to the most difficult part slowly.
· The systems development team must focus the development process of the new system on eliminating the existing business inefficiencies in manual reporting, hand order-tickets, and mail and fax order taking. Additionally, the development team needs to follow the systems development lifecycle to establish its new customer