Improving Business Systems and Subsystems: Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

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Improving Business Systems and Subsystems: Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

Jamie Franklin, Justin Perrine, Eric Kambestad and Kayode Tomoloju

Business Systems/BSA 310

University of Phoenix
Instructor: Tom Swanson PhD, PMP.
November 8, 2009

Introduction The Chief Executive Officer of Riordan Manufacturing in a service Request SR-rm-012 requested a summary evaluation that will lead to improvement on all level of Business systems and Subsystems that is currently in place at Riordan Manufacturing. This paper shall review existing Business Systems and Subsystems and proffer necessary suggestions that will lead to improvement and will help to streamline and consolidate business operation in the company. First there is
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It is essential in this new economy age for any company to emphasize technological advancement especially the use of the internet to promote it goods or service to prospects or intending customers. Use the worldwide web to reach out customers, thus increases the customer base for the company. Riordan manufacturing should explore this strategy to reach out to broad based customers. The intranet as well needs some modification. Bearing in mind that each location has its own network configuration, there is need for identical configuration in order to facilitate efficiency in the company. . There is need for a TCP/IP to hold the network together, having in place a SNMP will help the company to manage its network infrastructure effectively, a FTP for WAN/LAN is thus considered as necessary for wide file transfers and DNS without any doubt will be a great application for the company name resolution. It is equally important that China plant replace the three, 24-port hubs in use with 24-port switches, at Pontiac there is need to replace the 4 hubs and 3 patch panels with four 24 port switches and San Jose should as well replace the 24-port hub with a 24 port switches. This strategy will ensure uniformity in the company’s infrastructure.
Identifying and describing existing Finance and Accounting business systems and subsystems Taking cognizance of the fact that Riordan Manufacturing has three operating entities in Georgia, Michigan