Pine Vally

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Case Study
Week one
Pine Valley Furniture

Case Study Answers A) PVF went about developing their information systems because the demand for furniture was increased. In the beginning a process oriented approach was utilized. Each separate application had its own data files. The applications automated the manual systems on which they were modeled. In an effort to improve its information systems. They then renovated its information systems, resulting in a company wide database and applications that work with this database. Then the primarily use was in the accounting and financial areas. All applications were built in-house, and when necessary, new information systems staffs were hired to support Pine Valley Furniture’s expanding
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The incumbent will also be responsible for writing documentation to describe custom configuration of applications and operating procedures to liaison with 3rd party application development consultants. The position requires at least 7 years of experience in the field or in a related area. You must have a working knowledge of relational databases, web and client-server concepts, and be able to rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. A few websites you can find posting for these types of jobs are:,,,, and D) The types of information systems that are currently utilized at Pine Valley Furniture are: It used a company wide data base it was primarily used for accounting and financial areas, the programs I believe they could have used for this are Peachtree accounting and Excel as some of their software programs and the way they are using their system and hiring people is ok but there are other ways things could be utilized to help the company function more smoothly, and be easier at the same time. While computers are ideal for routine transaction processing, managers realize that the computers’ capability of performing rapid calculations and data comparisons could produce meaningful information for management. Management information systems thus evolved out of transaction