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Case Study Application: L.B. Jensen Middle School 1. What is meant by the following terms: adequacy, equality, equitable, human capital, quality?
Within the case study, all of the terms mentioned seem to directly apply to the student population, and what a school should be offering them. Also, is describes the qualities the leaderships members need to keep in mind. Everything is to be done for the betterment of the students, and these terms are there to justify that thought. Budgeting should be done with thoughts of the students at hand. All students are to be offered an equal, quality and fair opportunity at an education and these terms correlate with that. The bottom line to think about is that our students are an investment
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(Sun, 2014).
These concepts are difficult to complete at the same time, once you understand the difference, BUT…it can be done. This skills requires a person who is caring and willing to take the time to understand the needs of the students and also the differences that may arise in a multicultural environment. It may mean extra steps for the teachers or staff and even extra money in the budget going to different categories, but it can be done! 4. What is meant by the quote: “While the cost of education may be high, the defining and measuring result must always be quality in learning?” How does this proposition relate to the concept of vision development?
I am sure there are multiple answers to this question because no one is the same and thinks exactly the same way. For me though, I find it to mean that educating students is a costly event, but it is necessary. Performance is important and will be the measure that is used to define the success of the school. Those schools that pour more money into their students and their learning usually produce more successful students. These schools also see their students as the future leaders. This means that educating students is a high expense, but the outcomes will show in the success and it will all be worth it in the end.
The importance in this statement is that every leader needs to understand that students are the


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