Cross Cultural Management

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Cross Cultural Management Individual Presentation: Academic Poster
For this assignment you are required to produce an academic poster similar to one that would be presented at an academic conference. There is more guidance given below on what an academic poster is, how to structure an academic poster and various tips and guidelines on making your poster attractive and appealing. In addition to your poster you should produce a 1000 word summary report that highlights the research undertaken for your poster, the key literature that informed the production of your poster and the key findings from your investigation.
For the purposes of this poster you are required to select a product or a service and demonstrate effectively
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What should your viewer see and understand first? * Think what will communicate your key points most clearly. * Find a focal point that will help draw your viewers in. This might be a key flowchart or diagram, or simply a clear main title. * Make sure important graphics or information stand out clearly in your design. * Remember, you may not need graphics if words are more powerful.

Tip: In an academic poster, the priority is to be clear, concise and professional.


What visual arrangement will suit your content best, and how will you lead the reader through it? * Try to provide a clear entry point for readers, and a logical visual flow. * Group related information. * Use numbering or arrows if linked content should be read in a particular order. * Avoid either oversimplifying (too little useful information) or overcomplicating (too much information). * Use 'negative' space and margins to give your content room to breathe.

These are examples of 'thumbnail' designs. In thumbnails, you sketch designs in miniature, showing images and text as primitive shapes like squares and circles, perhaps using shading to show the areas you want to stand out most.
Once the basic layout is planned you can consider graphic and text formatting in more detail.

Use of text
An academic poster needs to be clear and legible from a distance. How might you format the text? What size should it be? * A poster should be legible


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