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A Journey to sharahad
Cross Cultural Communications Assignment

I. Executive Summary

When dealing with businesses there are always going to be cultural barriers and obstacles. This is because no two countries are the same and each person is different. Cross cultural communication looks at how people from various backgrounds interact and communicate and this is what this report will cover. It will look at how people from different backgrounds pass information and make negotiations despite the barriers of culture between them. The case study ‘Journey to Sharahad’ displays the cross cultural exchange between the Americans who have just arrived in Sharahad are completely oblivious to the culture and people of Sharahad and what
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People often make mistakes makes him expert in all the latest technologies. The IT industry is now becoming a great source of knowledge. Mizar Marketing understood American culture, that is why it always improves the IT knowledge.
Working in consultation Attitude - In the U.S., you will find a lot of people have good technical knowledge. Just because their technical expertise not calling people from other countries. They want something more technical. Mizar Marketing has to gain the trust of your customers by providing a solution as a consultant. If it is doing any work collectively try to think how you can improve your work or how to provide a better solution of any problem. As a consultant advice they expect from you. Try to give them a list of solutions and explain to them that would be the best fit solution for them to adapt.
Provide Proactive Solution -This is the best way to catch the attention of your client. Very few people go steps ahead of their usual job responsibility. Mizar Marketing tries to provide some proactive suggestions and solution of the problems. First, it will identify the scope of suggesting the solution. Once finds fields where the company can do the job in better way create a prototype and represent that to your client in a formal presentation or meeting. If they like your suggestion, no doubt your success will not be far


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