Reaction Paper

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Reaction Paper
The Short Bus
CON 712 Counseling Children and Adolescent
Adrianne Green
October 19, 2010

Before I began reading this book, I took a moment to think about the title: The Short Bus a Journey beyond Normal and what this book might entail. The term short bus brought back memories to me as a kid, people who were not smart enough to ride the long bus; or people who attended a special school because they were mentally retarded or mentally challenged. I felt connected to some of the personal stories in the text, especially the stories of Brent and Kent. Furthermore, it reminded me of my personal biases I still have toward kids like Ashley.
The short bus was created for people with various disabilities in 1975 when the
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I thought so what I want him to stop! After my mom came in to talk to the teacher about moving him away from me, the next day in class he seat was changed but that made no differences he just poked, kicked and pulled another students hair too. It got to the point the teacher actually had moved his whole desk to an area in the classroom, where he was unable to disturb other classmates. Moving his desk did not help his behavior he just found another way to get on students nerves. I still can hear myself saying, “How stupid he was. I wish he would stop” so I could learn.
I disagreed when Brent’s school decided to stop his tutoring in language therapy on school grounds. If I were in Brent’s mother place, I too would have also filed a due process. She was right that the school was incapable of meeting her son’s educational needs and not allowing tutoring on school grounds was violating his right to be appropriately educated (Mooney 2007). After all it was the school staff that recommended she get her son a tutor. In my opinion, I did not read that the school had a special education program or reading tools that could help Brent with reading. Telling Sara to get a paid tutor tells me that the school did fail at their job to meet his needs. Contemplating on this made me think maybe it was the schools and the teacher who failed to meet the needs of some of my former classmates. Maybe they would not have


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