Communication Process and Challenges in Global Business Environment

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Ms. Kirti Bhatia
Communication Process and Challenges In Global Busienss Environment
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Kanishk Matta
Executive Summary
In this report, generic form of communication process is described and types of communication are also there to help the reader get an idea of communication to start with. Thereafter, prominent barriers in communication faced by global firms are elaborated to give the reader a view on current communication scenario of global business world.
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As a matter of fact, most employers placed written communication skills at the top, and computer literacy second.
Despite such importance of written communication, employees often struggles with grammar and language, and find it hard to write crisp, concise and effective written communication. * Barriers To Effective Cross-Cultural Communication
Spoken language, timelines, information exchanged and cultural differences are major barriers in cross-cultural communication. There are 6,000 languages (approx.) are being used in the world. Though, global managers are equipped with second and third languages, but despite that often miscommunication and misunderstanding take place. Nevertheless, global organizations are trying indefatigably to reduce chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding by nurturing cross-cultural activities and meetings, to enable conducive environment at workplace in global firm. Furthermore, various types of technologies are being incorporated to bring in effective cross-cultural environment and communication.
Often virtual teams are organized from remote corners of the world to connect, communicate, co-operate and leverage, in such a dynamic environment a multinational corporation enhance its global competiveness and individuals involved in it builds their global competence. But still complexities of cultural differences, different timelines, downtime of


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